Education in Romania and European system of credit transfer

Romanian education programs organize specific activities of teaching, practical applications and exams  according to  the European System of credit transfer (ECTS):

  • The bachelor degree: at least 180 to 240 credits and transferable study, meaning that a Grade 60 credits.
  • The master's programs: between 90 and 120 credits, which means that one half is a number of 30 credits.
  • Entire length of the first cycle (undergraduate studies: bachelor) and the 2nd cycle (master studies) must be at least 300 transferable study credits.
  • Postgraduate specialization studies correspond to a minimum of two semesters and a minimum of 60 credits.
  • Training programs throughout life can also be organized according to ECTS.
  • Medical education programs  preparing a bachelor: 60 transferable study credits / year for 6 years, while the programs of medical studies correspond to master: credits between 60 credits/year for 2 years,  and Medical Education PhD  correspond to a total of 60/year for a period of more than 3  years of study.

International students (foreign students) get their higher education in universities, academies and institutes, that are accredited and  have a special license to teach foreign students. All the universities from the  list of universities possess the license. The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports  of Romania controls the quality of educational services.

The examination of Romanian/ English/ French language skills for international  students that apply for instruction in one of these languages, without preparatory year,  takes place according to the methodology approved by the Institute of Romanian Language.

International students exempted from language test:

  •  you are from the country where the language is officially,
  •  you have done your previous studies in the same language with the language of instruction
  •  you have a certificate of language proficiency
  •  you can prove with documents that you have studied Romanian for at least four years

The testing centres and the periods for taking the language exams will be established subsequently.
If you do  not know the language of study, you  must attend the courses of the Preparatory year in order to learn Romanian. During the first semester of the Preparatory year, you will study Romanian as a foreign language while during the second semester, you will study the Romanian vocabulary specific for the faculty fields where they will continue their studies: technical, mathematics, medicine, economy, law, humanists, agronomy, etc.



Please make sure you've included all the documents asked by your Counselor, you should carry xerox copies of all the documents.


The FIPL education consulting session tells you what you need to do before you enroll for your course.


A confirmation letter is a document handed over to a student informing he/she is now confirmed student of the college.